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Shelf Corporations for Sale | A Complete Guide

To have a good understating about advantages of shelf corporations for sale, it’s vital to understand what shelf companies are and what benefits we can get from shelf companies.

What is a Shelf Corporation

As the name indicates, form something, put it on a shelf, let it get mature and then use it. Same is the case here with the shelf companies for sale. A company or corporation is raised and registered and then no activity is detected for years. The idle behavior is referred as being place on shelf and then utilize is later on. It’s basically an established business for sale that hasn’t done any business activity. They are the old brands for sale, the can be acquired, rebranded and make operational.

Buy a Shelf Corporation

Buy a shelf company and you’ll be able to start business the very next day. You can make your company functional as soon as you want and you can place business bids. The company is already on shelf, you bought it and now you are good to make it functional. That’s why shelf companies are always on focal point of business owners. It must be remembered that one shouldn’t use Shelf Company for wrong purposes.

buy a shelf corporation

So here arise a question, why don’t we use these companies when they are newly formed? It’s because, sometimes they are never intended to use promptly. It’s doesn’t mean that the documentation is incomplete or the company has some hit or blacklisted status. It is intended to be treated as such.

It’s just like the vine brewing, the older and well brewed it is the richer taste it possess. Same is the case here, the registered company is old, all the documentation and paper work is complete so it is worthy and can easily be used afterwards for sale and purchase and start a business. People are facing many queries regarding shelved company and we will try to address this to make things simpler to understand.

Before getting excited it must be kept in mind that there are a few dos and don’ts before purchasing a shelved corporation. Yes they are beneficial and people are using it to make new companies but once needs to thoroughly study before making a purchase.

Why should I buy a Shelf Corporations for Sale

It doesn’t mean that you’ll get more contracts, more business, or easy deals by making a shelf corporation functional. People aim to buy shelf companies because they are already established. It serves you with the peace of mind that you don’t have to register a brand new company and take that additional hassle while making it operational. All these facts gives a great sigh of relief but we must keep one thing in mind that we are making the purchase through a trusted source.

Does readymade Shelved Corporation increase credibility?

Well there are a few ifs and but on this while discussing this subject. People think that we will get instant credibility by acquiring a shelf company. It is advised to keep the things simple and transparent. Never pose that company you are owning is under your possession since the foundation. Keep the things crystal clear and it will help you win the credibility, confidence and reputation that will ultimately lead to good business opportunities.

does it increase credibility

Keep one thing in mind while buying the shelf company. The company or companies you have shortlisted to buy must not have any liabilities on it. If it does, then it isn’t a suitable option to spend your money on. In such a case, the reason to purchase Shelf Corporations for sale becomes null and void.

Advantages of Shelf Corporation

Let’s talk about the advantages of readymade shelf corporations and learn why shelf companies for sale are so tempting to buy. Normally shelf corporations aren’t that exorbitantly expensive. They are cheap in general, so you do not have to spill a lot of money to buy one. The company price tag depends upon the age and credit.

Uncover New Opportunities

On some projects there is a condition that a certain time old companies can place a bit. In such situations the shelf corporations take the lead.

Time is Money

It saves registration time and avoids all the overhead of raising a new corporation. You don’t have to take addition stress to test your patience.

Longevity attracts more customers

Some company owners prioritize the older companies to bid on their projects. In such a case readymade shelf corporations have good opportunity to secure the contract.

Access for the corporate credit

Readymade Shelf corporations allow you to build corporate credit. It must be kept in mind that personal credit and corporate credit are 2 different things and can’t be mixed.

Buying Readymade Corporations Legal or not?

It’s a pertinent question raised by many that either shelf corporations legal or not. Acquiring shelf companies is legal until or unless you use it for legitimate purposes and not to abuse them. Let’s try to understand that either they are legal or not.

readymade shelf corporations for sale

If you are buying a company to start your business and increase the worth of company then there is no issue at all. If you making a company to use its credit to apply for loan, well that’s the shady practice and it can raise eyebrows. It’s legal to buy shelf companies for sale and one can even change their name and start the business but one must not follow a shady practice to get extra milk.

Ever wonder why people buy vintage corporations?

If you take all the precautionary measure prior making a purchase, it can give your business a new spirit. Have you ever observed a decade old company with a punch line, established since 1977? That’s the reason why business owners are eager to buy shelf corporations. The older established companies have an amazing reputation and no one can challenge their claim because the company is legit and might be formed a decade ago. It earns a lot of credibility for your business.

Cheap Shelf Corporations for Sale

Saving extra money is always good but is it worth it to save money where it shouldn’t be saved? It’s an attractive idea to buy more with less but ultimately you have to compromise the quality because quality comes at a price. So cheap shelf corporations for sale might serve your short term goal but it’s not a good move in a longer run. It’s not advised to buy cheap shelf corporation with ugly history, just to save some bucks.

Problems while buying shelf companies

Buying a corporations for sale by a trusted agent is the best initial way to stay out of trouble. Secondly your expectations must not be too high while buying the readymade shelf corporation because it has advantages and disadvantages at the same time. It all depends how you use it.

Be realistic and never have a hope of having credit instantly. Most of the shelf companies, even they are old, they have no past business history so in such a case drawing too much expectations might not work well.

One of the biggest issue while buying shelf corporations is their uncertainty around the past. What if you bought the company from non-trusted seller? If you are caught by fraud then you are responsible for debts and liabilities of the company.

Evading such situations is very easy but you have to do a little bit extra effort. A thorough research can help you avoid the inconveniences. Inquire about the Shelf Corporation selling agency either they are legit or not. Do a verification on your end, ask related people about the reputation and credibility and things will be clearer and transparent. It’s better not to make a purchase hastily, take your time do research and enjoy mental peace later on.

How to identify a Record free Seasoned Shelf Company?

It’s a pertinent question, why to avoid a shelf company with past history or a little record. The answer is simple and straightforward, if a company with a little record is shelved then there is a likelihood that it might have liability and debt issues. So avoid such a company and have mental peace.

Shelf Corporations with Credit

A seasoned shelf company is a one that has no past business activity record. If you have found a company with past business record and vendor is insisting it to be legit then he/she is wrong. A pure shelf company has no corporate credit and no trade line. So the conclusion of this short debate is that shelf corporations with established credit for sale are not advised to buy.

Shelf Corporation with Bank Account

We must refrain from a purchasing a corporation with bank account because it indicates that the company has done some activity in the past. We are looking for a fresh company with no past record so Shelf Company with bank account should be our priority because it’s better not to take risk.

Identify Legit Vendor

There are a lot of agencies and vendors in the sale of companies business. They claim to sell clean readymade shelf corporations. The real challenge is to find the actual legitimate vendors out there. Remember, the credible vendor is the one who is reachable. They are always available for emails, phone calls or for any other channel of communication.

how to find legit vendor


Most of the time trusted vendors keep price high and charge more than the fraudulent sellers because they have credibility and quality comes at a price. We can find vendors on internet so check out their reviews and ratings to see how people respond to their services. It’s better to take appointment, schedule meeting and ask them what type of company you are looking for your business. The experienced vendors will guide you with the best of their knowledge and it will be proven good for your business. At the end if you don’t find anything shady and you are satisfied after the entire hard work then that’s the perfect guy you were looking for.


Using shelved companies is a good strategy to boost your business and earn instant reputation for your business. In this article we have discussed about Shelf Corporations, their advantages and disadvantages. We have tried you to guide with the best of our knowledge how to buy a shelf corporation and what should be kept in mind while buying a shelved company.

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