We Offer A Better Deal

We Offer A Better Deal

7 year old shelf companies for less

Aged Corporations

We pro-rate the aged corporations on a monthly basis rather than calculate on the year. This saves you money because most marketers of aged shelf corporations round up to the year.

Free Consultation

Free consultation to assess the proper use of the aged corporation or aged LLC.

Identification Number

Help with the Employer Identification Number. Please note: Don’t use a nominee officer apply for the EIN. Click here for the reason.

Shelf Llc Company List: Request The List At Assetprofile@gmail.com !

Wyoming Shelf Corporations And LLC’s:

  • $50 annual report
  • Low maintenance
  • Best for holding assets, tech industries, real estate

1 Year Old Wyoming Corporation Or Wyoming LLCs For $700

Montana Corporations And LLC’s:

$20 annual report
Low maintenance
Best for building corporate credit

4 Year Old

4 Year Old Montana Corporation $1300

5 Year Old

5 Year Old Montana Corporation $1700

6 Year Old

6 Year Old Montana Corporation Or LLC $1800

New Mexico Shelf LLC’s:

  • No Annual Fees To The State
  • Lower Up Front Cost
  • Effective For Any Business Start-up Or To Build Corporate Credit.
  • 5 Year Old
    5 Year Old New Mexico Llc $1700

  • 6 Year Old
    6 Year Old New Mexico Llc $1800

  • 7 Year Old
    7 Year Old New Mexico Llc $1900

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Nevada Update! Warning On Nevada Corporations

Why We Stopped Offering Nevada Shelf Companies

Shelf Corporation

Aged corporations with no transaction history are priced using this general industry formula:


Example: Bob finds a Nevada aged corporation that is two years old. The aged corporations cost the incorporator $750 to form and to maintain the corporation. How much is it worth?


Price = Cost Of Corporation + Cost Of Maintenance + Years Aged X ($1000)
Price = $750 + 2 X ($1000)
Price = $2750

$2,750 is the market rate for a two year old Nevada aged corporation. As an alternative, Montana aged corporations cost less because their formation and maintenance expenses are substantially less than in Nevada. They are just as good in terms of obtaining business credit and lines of credit, but without the marketing hype. We offer seven year old Montana corporations for $1295. Request for a list of shelf companies here.