Shelf corporations

Shelf corporations

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Shelf Corporations: When?

Little Time

building business is quick
When you’re looking to instantly build a business and you have little time.

Aged Company

Seeking to build corporate credit and you don’t want to wait five years to age your company. You need an aged company right now to make things happen.


company has better credibility
You’re in a business whereby credibility is important. A five year old shelf corporation or shelf LLC will overcome client objections.


perfect business needs good equipment
The business needs a pizza oven, a backhoe or other equipment leasing right now.

Retail Space

You need retail space and the landlord isn’t interested in leasing to a brand new company

Sensitive Industry

You’re in a credibility sensitive industry and a brand new company isn’t going to cut it. An aged shelf company will make a difference.


  • Create an image of permanence in the marketplace.
  • Increase deposits from sales, aiding in obtaining business credit.
  • Access bidding opportunities when appropriate.
  • Even the playing field with established competitors.
  • Don’t be caught at a disadvantage. Obtain better terms on business loans, payment terms, delivery, etc.

What’s Included In Your Shelf Company Order?

  • A clean, unused company, in good standing, and never dissolved.
  • No EIN. That’s a good thing. This means the company is clean from debt and liabilities.
  • Filed Articles of Incorporation/Organization.
  • Certificates of good standing.
  • Registered agent until next year.
  • Bylaws/Operating Agreement.
  • Company resolutions.
  • Updated address and principals on the public record.
  • All documents are emailed to you first and then sent via USPS priority mail with a tracking number for Signature Confirmation.