Nominee EIN Alert

Nominee EIN Alert

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Nominee Officer And The Application For The EIN

By the time clients reach us, they surfed many other websites that advocated for the use of a nominee officer EIN. Many websites offer a regurgitation of bad information. It’s time to break it down:

When you apply for the corporation’s bank account, the bank screens your name with ChexSystems and with OFAC (Office of Foreign Assets Control). OFAC is a department of the US Treasury, as the IRS. OFAC shares their database with the Department of Homeland Security and throughout the US Treasury. This means that IRS eventually knows for which bank accounts you applied.

The Bank Will Associate The Ein With Your Social Security Number, Even If You Got It Through A Nominee Officer.

Furthermore, your agreement to abide to the banks internal rules and federal regulations releases the bank to freely provide this information. Therefore, there is no privacy when you’re the signer on the corporation’s bank account, regardless if you obtained a “nominee officer” EIN. The Employer Identification Number is a private matter between you, your company and the IRS. This information is not of public record. We don’t provide or apply for EIN’s because there’s no real value to this service. You may receive conflicting marketing propaganda from our competitors because they have an interest in charging you for an unneeded service.

Our Competitors Market A “Nominee Officer Ein” To Sell You A Service That Offers No Value. We Don’t Recommend This Practice.

Ein’s Are Free From The Irs. Obtain An Ein From The Irs By Calling Them At 800.829.4933. Why Pay For A Service That Is Free?

As for LLC’s…

The K1 is issued to the member/owners according to their interest held. This is filed associating your name and social security number to the LLC. Therefore, obtaining a “nominee officer EIN” holds no value. Why obtain a nominee officer EIN when the that information is going to be disclosed anyway? Don’t throw away your money.

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