Nevada Vs. Wyoming

Nevada Vs. Wyoming

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Shelf Corporations: Nevada Vs. Wyoming

Read This F.A.Q. On The Nevada Companies. It May Surprise You.

Aged shelf corporations are used for convenience, to assume a business history and to develop a perceived stability of the business operation. Therefore, as long as the corporation is clean of liabilities, it really doesn’t matter where the aged shelf corporation was initially filed. It can always be continued in a state like Wyoming or domiciled in another state. In terms of the purpose of the corporation, it matters. Corporations are best served in Delaware when they are to go public with an offering. Nevada and Wyoming are best for privacy, asset protection, confidentiality and flexibility in management.

Montana and New Mexico companies are best for building business credit.

Wyoming is unique; in that, the corporation can be domiciled in Wyoming as if it was there the entire time. It’s a continuance of the corporate presence. This means a corporation in the Bahamas, New York, or anywhere else, is continued in Wyoming as if it has always existed there.

Annual Report Fees…how Much In State Fees?







New Mexico


Nevada corporations are more popular–simply because there are more people selling them. There are more professionals, incorporators and nominee officers selling Nevada aged corporations. Nevada is a great place to incorporate because the state of Nevada is so business friendly. In comparison, Wyoming is just as business-friendly and costs less than Nevada. Wyoming has fewer promoters of incorporation services, by nature of their state population (500,000 people). It stands to reason that by the mere numbers of Nevada’s promoters, and their marketing skills, that there is much more publicity about Nevada corporations. Wyoming corporations are just as better (and cost less). Why are they better?

Why a Wyoming LLC?

In Wyoming, no business license is required.

Wyoming is in the black with no income tax.

Nevada is in the red, with no end in sight, and there’s no income tax for the moment.
  • Wyoming filing fees are going to stay the same.
  • Nevada filing fees will go up.

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What about building business credit? Montana and New Mexico offer the best companies in that department.