Nevada Shelf Corporation

Nevada Shelf Corporation

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Nevada Shelf Corporation Warning

When we started offering corporations and services, we only offered Nevada. We saw changes coming in Nevada and slowly divested from the “Silver State.” First off, Nevada privacy is dead. This is how the state killed it:

Nevada requires the filing of a Nevada Business Registration, whether or not you do business in Nevada. This business license mandates the following disclosure:

  • Owner’s name
  • Owner’s address
  • Social security number
  • Residential telephone number
  • Ownership percentages of each identified stockholder.
  • All change of ownership information
  • Acquired/changed by
  • Portion acquired/changed
  • Date acquired/changed
  • Declared under penalty of perjury

So, let’s say you don’t want privacy. You seek to build business credit, and that requires transparency.

The Nevada Business Registration: Why Not A Nevada Corporation Or Nevada LLC To Build Business Credit?


A change of owners on record results in a setting of the age of the company to zero. If you think about it, new owners means the company may not be run the same way as the previous owner. Even if the company has no credit history, a change of ownership may result in a negative credit history.

Again, the dangerous part is that many Nevada resident agents are not talking about this requirement because they know of the negative impact it’ll have on their business. From the perspective of the bank or financial institution, they will reset the respective age of the company when the owners change. And since the owners are listed on the Nevada business license, that shift is easily noticed through public records. See the form here.

There’s more to consider than the age of the company. The mortgage crisis also resulted in many defaults in business loans. Scores of those loan defaults involved corporations from Nevada and Delaware. In addition, Nevada suffers from rampant financial fraud due to businesses that support access to rapid funds; due to activity related to gambling, legalized prostitution, adult entertainment and drugs. Using a Nevada corporation to build business credit is simply counter-productive. In building business credit, you’re much better off with a corporation from Montana. In contrast, Montana is known for clean business practices.

All of our companies are without a credit history, without an EIN and without a transaction history. So, what does this mean to you? This means that you don’t need to worry about back taxes owed, delayed fused litigation, or unseen liabilities.

Nevada Claims They Don’t Have An Information Sharing Agreement With The Irs. This Is Misleading.

This information collected in Nevada, although not automatically shared with the IRS, is accessible through a subpoena or court order. In addition, the Nevada Secretary of State admits to SELLING their information to database companies, like ChoicePoint. And ChoicePoint sells information to the IRS. Why claim to provide a level of privacy that doesn’t exist? They want to sell companies, even if their representation is misleading. Nevada privacy is meaningless at this point.

If you’re applying for business credit, privacy isn’t possible.

The banks want to see the owners’ names on public record on the Secretary of State website. Privacy works against any possibility of obtaining funding for your business. Transparency and disclosure is the foundation for obtaining funding. If you think about it, banks want you exposed if they are lending money. And if you were the bank, you want to know who is behind the company. It’s that simple.

What about Wyoming shelf corporations?

The loan defaults made Delaware, Nevada and Wyoming famous as states that source shelf companies. This means that shelf companies that come from Nevada, Delaware and Wyoming are all facing increasing scrutiny when obtaining business loans.

What state is best to obtain a shelf company to build business credit?

You probably don’t know of anyone who obtained a shelf company from Montana. That’s good. Since Montana is not known for selling shelf companies, this means that your business project isn’t harassed as a result of the stigma that follows companies from other states; Nevada, Delaware and Wyoming.

We shifted our focus to Montana for the following reasons:

Always speak to a tax advisor before and after you incorporate. You may need to file as a foreign corporation in another state, if that’s where you do business.